Official NAMU Underwriter Boot Camp Includes:

  • (4) Online Underwriter Training Classes (Total of 24 Hours of Education)
  • Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMMU) Certification Program
  • 5-Year NAMU Premium Membership

Learn how to become an effective mortgage underwriter today! NAMU has teamed up again with Mortgage Underwriter University to offer an online training/certification program for aspiring mortgage underwriters entitled: The Official NAMU Underwriter Boot Camp, which combines 24 hours of online mortgage underwriter training with the Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU-CMMU) certification program, plus a 5-Year NAMU Premium Membership plan. Whether you're unemployed and looking to enter the mortgage underwriting profession, or you're currently working at a bank or lender as an underwriter, this bootcamp will provide the skills you need to succeed as an effective mortgage underwriter.

Let us help you gain the skills you need to land the interviews and secure that perfect mortgage underwriting job!

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"NAMU helped my team gain the tools and skills needed to learn how to become effective mortgage underwriters! Through NAMU's online mortgage underwriting training classes, we were able to obtain the necessary mortgage underwriter education to effective underwrite mortgage loans!"

- Mr. Harry Gibson
  Senior Underwriter
  Dallas, Texas

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Learn how to become a mortgage underwriter today with our mortgage underwriter bootcamp, which includes online mortgage training classes which are designed for mortgage underwriters.